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What do you think about the World Championship?

August 31

Coach what do you think about the World Championship?

This has been the mantra of the week, and when I answer honestly that we have Dani, James and Sarah going from our pro group I get a variety of strange questions. How do you think this athlete or that athlete will go? How will Dani handle this part of the course? How will James cope with this person starting?

I thought I’d write on it to help all our followers be better racers in the events that they perceive as 'important' races to them. So let’s start with this very point:

We try to teach athletes that races are expressions of oneself. We don’t look to the winning or losing as a judgement of how a race goes. Instead how we handle the different elements that we have to accept in the race and how we deal with them during race time decides if indeed the day has been worthy of ourselves?

The bird is in full training for Kona. This race was not on her list at the start of the season. James is not fully recovered from a severe infection picked up three weeks ago, however it is his home town race, and he needs the hit out to put his Kona top 10 aspirations back on track after a nasty body breaking crash at the start of the year. 

Sarah Is going into the race with two handicaps. A persistant knee injury that has bothered her since April. The good news there is she is getting better every week and I expect her to really test it in this race. Her second handicap has been much harder - learning to deal with me, and a different philosophy towards training. Also actually training with a very strong pro squad!  When one goes to a group with 4 or 5 World Champions, then 'shining out' at training doesn’t happen like it does back home with the 'normal' group. It’s intimidating in itself, and needs adaption. The good news, I saw Sarah with an injury, go into that sausage machine but she is re-imerging as an athlete that will become a constant fear for all her competitors in the not too distant future.

So followers this is what I see going into the race. They have all the same instructions - 
- Your success will be measured by how you produce your very best effort with what you have on the day!
- You have been with me long enough, and watched me long enough (except for Sarah), to understand that is how I judge you, and how I want you to judge yourselves.

This is not a new invention from me, but was written a long time ago by Jack London. 'The (man) who does his best is good enough'!

And so be it at Trisutto.

So while journalists are incredulous when they ask about who are the danger athletes, I answer that I don’t know who is even racing in the men’s or women’s race. I’m sorry, but I haven’t looked at a start list. Head shaking they miss the point entirely of why we are the most winning team in Triathlon history. We absolutely don’t focus on winning. We focus totally on being the best we can be at each point in the race, and hopefully in life too. We try to create the atmosphere in our squad, and then the execution in a race that at times makes winning inevitable.

That is what I believe is the key to success for the individual. Come the weekend we will know if it has been enough - no matter who is racing.

Just the way I see it.

Join Home of Triathlon and Trisutto Head Coach Brett Sutton at his next training camp in and in Cyprus, November, 2018.