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Swiss Apprentices on Fire!

October 22

Swiss apprentices on fire as Max, Felix and Julie win the U23 European Championships!

It’s special that many of you who have attended training camps and observed the apprentice athletes go to work while being trained by myself, Susie, and Robbie.  It's important to recognise and to appreciate that each has grown this year with the help of their mentor senior athletes. Julie Derron has had Olympic Champion Nicola Spirig watching over her, and may be starting to hit world class performances from the start of next year. 

Both Max and Felix Studer have begun this year to train like men who want to be special. However, I believe that they have really benefitted from St. Moritz camp where two times Olympian Reinaldo Colucci attended, backed up by James Cunnama, and The Captain, Matty Trautman. The brothers took on board advice on how successful athletes go about their business day in and day out. It was the last piece of their learning curve to help break through. It is a very fulfilling experience for our team to see Max explode on to the international scene from nowhere, soon to be followed by younger brother, to have his day in the sun.

Max finished his season with a stunning last 3km to win the European U23 title in Eilat, Israel. Not to be outdone, Julie carried the perceived pressure that Max has done it, can you now make it a double for the Swiss? This is not easy, and coming from behind from the swim, little pistol got to work, and like her mentor knows what to do with pedals on the bike. Moving herself forwards to overcome the swim deficit, to then control the race, and put her stamp on it. Just like Nicola in the senior Europeans, Julie was able to then run away from the field to take her first title.

The following day saw the mixed relay, with Felix joining his brother and Julie in the teams race. All three raced well to take the gold and give Switzerland the clean sweep of the Championship. Personally I’m very proud of each of them. Not only have they been a pleasure to train, but all are quality human beings. This makes it special to have been involved with their success. 

I also feel privileged that our coaching team has kick started a new foundation of Swiss youngsters who may one day perform at the highest level. Make no mistake, they have huge shoes to fill - Reto Hug and Sven Riederer were superstars. Can the Studer brothers take a leaf out of another set of brothers play book? It is now up to them, and their federation. While no one can expect Julie to emulate possibly the two greatest female women triathletes the world has seen, we can ask her to cut out a proud career for herself as a professional athlete. An athlete who has the potential to represent her country at the Olympics, should she continue to follow the work ethic of her predecessors. 

I challenge them tomorrow to take on the task to make the jump from junior ranks to the big leagues.  But today to enjoy the glory they have brought to themselves, their parents, their coaches and their country.

A magic moment for all in their chosen sport. 

On behalf of all of us, we say job and season really well done.
Max julie
Julie run
Max run
Swiss relay podium