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October 24

Salinas ITU Triathlon World Cup - Ecudaor
A busy few weeks for Barb fulfilling her role as Ambassador  for the Youth Olympics in Buernos Aires, however she was able to squeeze a few workouts of her own in between her duties and thus headed to Salinas for the World Cup. A good swim set up her race and we are all pleased to see Barb back on an ITU podium finishing 3rd. 
Gaspar also raced the Salinas World Cup, and was in a promising position early in the bike. Trying to ride away from the large peloton of 60 athletes wasn't the best idea for race strategy, and once onto the run, struggled over the second half. Gaspar now understands our priorities for 2019, swim and ride with the pack, then hit them with a fast run to get the podium. Onwards and upwards. 
Unfortunately Rei's day was cut short in the bike leg when a ripped tyre was soon a flat tyre leaving him stranded. 
70.3 Coquimbo - Chile
A nasty bike crash marred Pamela's 3rd place at 70.3 Coquimbo. A good swim and Pamela was looking forward to attacking the bike however she fell heavily when a pedistrian walked straight out in front of her early on the bike course.  Overcoming the initial shock and some bike mechanical issues, Pamela was able to continue, gallantly crossing the line in 3rd position. 'Hurry slowly' now for Pamela as we take the time to allow some deep wounds to heal.

Challenge Mallorca - Spain
At Challenge Peguera-Mallorca we had two of our first year pros racing, Baptiste and Federica . Both are learning rather quickly that there is a huge difference between being a fast age group athlete and racing the battle hardened pros. Both finished the race, with Federica in 6th place, while Bap suffered on the run, but did get to the finish line. Coaches are happy with both efforts, as making the jump from age group to pro is a learning process. Rome wasn't built in just one day! 
Ibiza ETU Multisport European Championships - Spain
Sandy has been keen to get some racing under her belt before end of season, and the ETU Multisport Festival fitted the bill perfectly with quite an array of events to choose from. After winning the overall age group title at the Duathlon last Saturday, Sandy goes around again mid week in the aquathlon. No mechanical luck needed for this one!

ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup - Hong Kong
Dan raced in the ASTC Asian World Cup in Hong Kong. A race with little to really comment on, until the 22 leaders of the race were directed off course by a marshal during the run leg. All were disqualified after the race, moving Dan up to 12th place, and fortune shining on his goal of collecting Olympic qualifying points. 

Tri-Factor - China
John travelled from Philippines to China to race the inaugural Tri-Factor race, a series with 3 events. John secured the win, and now looks forward to the second event of the series in his home country. 

The need for Run Speed
Flora is on a swim program, as we work towards improving this over winter. To keep things interesting we still had a Kenyan run day on Sunday with the second run being a local 10km. This year a 3rd place podium for Flora and a 90 second faster time than last year. Even though the 2018 season was squarely aimed at Ultra distance racing (Swissman and Norseman) it shows (1) it is still possible to retain or improve ones short course speed, and (2) how strength endurance from the longer events can carry over to the shorter ones. Well done Flora. 
Another week, another run race as Sarah continues to make nice progress and is now really nudging that sub 20min 5k. Great work!