Race results

Flying High in Hawaii

October 18

Hawaii Ironman World Championships
An unforgettable day in Kailua-Kona with Daniela winning her 4th straight Ironman World Championship and breaking both the course record and the Ironman World Record in a dominant performance. The day got off to a shaky start with a very painful and slower than expected swim as Dani fought to simply survive the swim, fighting through the reactions of a jellyfish sting under both armpits. However once out of the water Dani went full 'Angry Bird' working her way to the front of the race and taking total control.  (Coach Brett's insights Flying to even greater heights)

James was a bit behind the eight ball after a nasty bike crash at the end of last year and an acute illness in August. He built and improved week on week, with races used to gain additional fitness. On race day he was close, but came up short at a few key moments, leaving him empty handed at this years big dance. The upside is he knows where he needs to be to achieve his / our goals, so we look to 2019 and an uninterrupted preparation.

Kirsty was in the excellent position of racing without the weight of expectation. Kona this year was always about the experience. Out of the water and first half of the bike Kirsty was well positioned with the main pack. Struggling a little the last part of the bike, the great run in Kirsty’s bag of tricks wasn’t there on the day. A DNF during the run ending her day. It’s a tough sport sometimes, exposing weakness more often than allowing strengths to shine. A key race missed in the build up leaving Kirsty a little short on miles in the legs. No doubt she will be back.

Jose returned to this race 30 years after his last appearance. Preparation was very good despite the process of relocating work and family between countries, with some challenging limits on facilities. However dedication and persistence are a strength for Jose who overcame all obstacles. The heat and nutrition did give a few unwanted stops, but we are so happy for Jose to fulfill a dream of finishing Kona 3 decades after his last appearance.

Pedro has been on a mission all year, looking to take the age category win. It wasn’t to be on this day, however his dedication and the small changes are showing in his training. Just a matter of seeing the fruit of his labour on race day.

Scott has had a cracking year, both race results and experiences. Kona a magnificent way to close out his racing season, and celebrate all he has achieved in 2018.

Ivan has been a quite achiever, busy working away, while balancing family time with a senior executive career role. Kona a dream race, while also experiencing with his family everything the Big Island has to offer. Another super race performance for Ivan, rewarded for his diligence and consistency.