Race results

Double Header in Asia

March 26

70.3 Davao - Philippines
Caroline Xena had an epic battle at 70.3 Davao, going toe to toe in the swim, on the bike, and first part of the run, before relinquishing the lead to place second on this day. It was an important battle to have, putting herself into the fire. It was also a reminder of priorities to focus on in training - and their significance for October...  Well done Xena.

Photo Credit: AsiaTri


70.3 Taiwan
Michael raced 70.3 Taiwan showing good signs at this stage of training. First out of the water, controlling the bike and early part of the run. Back to camp and back to work as we continue to rebuild the engine.


Nini led from the gun in 70.3 Taiwan, taking 1st in her category, and the 3rd fastest age group time of the day. Her training in Aussie training camp put to good use. Well done Nini.


Need for Speed - early season racing
An early season duathlon in Vichy and Jeanne surprised herself with new found run speed, winning the race and fighting it out with the men. A great job.


Seizing the opportunity for a spring road race, Flora showed good form at the Basel Waldlauf 10km, taking 1st place. Well done and good signs for the coming season.


Julie and Nina took no time out to test out their run legs, heading to Uster for the Swiss National 10k Road Running Champs and great to see Sandy open her 2019 season with a 10k road race close to home.