All Kona walkers listen up!

November 5

It amazes me every year how many age group athletes walk in the World Championships. If this is you and don't know why it happens then it's time we fixed it.  

In my private elite age group team 'Home Of Triathlon' we have two female age group places, and two male age group places available for 2019.  If you are an age group athlete who can swim 60 minutes, but can't seem to qualify for Kona, you might also be considered to take one of the places. 

If you are interested write to with details about yourself, to help us to decide if you are ready to take the next step in your journey. We will be selecting athletes for our 2019 team by the end of this month. 

Unlike Mike Riley, I don't believe you are an Ironman if you walk more than the aid stations.  

That's just how I see it, if you want to do it right contact us now. 

Level 8 daniela ryf runs kona 2018 dsc 7332
Timothy Carlson