Race results

All class in Cannes

April 22

Cannes International Triathlon - France
Camilla kicked off her 2019 season with a commanding win at Cannes International. Taking control of the race mid way into the bike, she hung tough on the run to take a great victory. Well done Camilla, a very classy performance!

Flora also raced at Cannes long course, which was her second race in 8 days. It was an ideal early season race, with a sea swim, a challenging bike with a good amount of climbing and descending, and a 16km run. There were good signs for later in the season, plus some lessons learned as Flora builds into her first year pro season.

Photo Credit:@activimages


Spring Thunder Half Marathon - Russia
Anton raced in the Spring Thunder Half Marathon in Moscow. Was an excellent effort and training day, after a winter training indoors. Well done Anton.