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Age group: 45-49
Allison Zwingenberger
United States
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June 13, 2018
Allison Zwingenberger
How long have you been with Trisutto? 
I was injured and burned out for several years but as my physical and mental resilience returned, with it came the desire to challenge myself further with triathlon. I researched coaches to find the best fit for my learning and training style. Brett Sutton’s training philosophy of training with specificity for the sport as a whole resonated with me through his articles and interviews. As a veterinarian, I respect someone who can successfully train equine athletes using nonverbal feedback, physiology, and biomechanics, and extend that skill to human athletes with results that speak for themselves. I joined Trisutto at the start of the 2015 season, eager to learn and see what I could accomplish. 
Who is your coach? 
Dan McIntosh is the mastermind behind the plans that contribute to my success, though he is the first to credit Brett Sutton’s contribution to his skill as a top level coach and professional athlete. With his careful and progressive application of varied work and rest, he had me racing my first injury-free 70.3 within a few months with a 20 minute PR. He’s an excellent teacher, motivator, and task master depending on the situation at hand. We can discuss the merits of different approaches and try novel things to solve challenges that arise when trying to meet new goals. His goals for me are often much higher than my own! Dan keeps me working and believing that I can accomplish more than I thought possible. 
Why you do triathlon? 
Triathlon is a complex beast; that’s why we love it. I’m happiest when I’m learning, striving, and solving problems. There are endless puzzles to solve in training and racing that challenge the mind and the body to become better and faster. That process of challenging oneself is at once a form of meditation and of flow. In my daily workouts all thoughts of the outside world are pushed away and there is only focus on the here and now. Both the focus and the fitness help me achieve more in other areas of my life as well. 
What is your favorite distance? 
The 70.3 distance is challenging, and it’s my favorite focus as I try to improve the pieces that make up improvement on the whole. 
Favorite race? 
Wildflower is my favorite race for the enthusiastic atmosphere all around the run course. You can’t help smiling at the costumes (or lack thereof), the cheers, and the offer of a Tequila shot on the last mile of the run. After the race you can sit with your friends and discuss how much hillier and windier it was than last year! 
Favorite workout? 
I love seeing the Moneghetti run on my schedule. It’s a ladder up of short speed intervals with equal rest, then a ladder back down. Not so much speed to make you really hurt but it adds up to a decent amount of fast work for the day and leaves you feeling satisfied. 
Bucket list race? 
I wanted to race in Europe as a bucket list item, and did so at Vichy 70.3 in 2016 with a friend of mine who is based in the UK. It was a great experience and another level up from the North American circuit. This year she wrote me a Christmas card that said “Fancy doing Alpe d’Huez?” Still thinking about that one! 
What you do when your not doing triathlon? Work, study etc. 
I’m a professor in radiology at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis. I solve diagnostic problems by interpreting x-rays, ultrasounds, CT, and MRI to help care for dogs and cats brought to our teaching hospital. My patients often include reptiles, birds, and other exotic animals, as well as the odd trip to the zoo to image a tiger (under anesthesia!). I’m constantly learning and discovering knowledge through my research and the people I work with. I also enjoy teaching my profession to the veterinary students and residents rotating through the hospital. There is not much time left over so I get my reading fix through audiobooks during workouts and practice photography when I travel (predominantly black and white of course:)). 
Tell us about your experiences on a Trisutto Camp and which one was the best? 
I have spent some time training with Coach Dan in southern California which was extremely productive, but haven’t yet attended a Trisutto Camp. I’m interested in meeting the new group in Sursee as the facilities look fantastic, and I visit family in Lucerne several times a year. 
Your favorite training places and why? 
I love running in a hilly park near Vacaville, just southeast of Napa, with solitary sculptural live oak trees and smooth grassy hills laced with dirt singletrack. Whenever I travel, the runs I do are always some of my most memorable experiences of each trip. In recent years, the beaches in Encinitas and Tel Aviv, the lakeshore in Toronto, the rowing lake in Ghent, and Regent’s Park in London stand out. 
If you could get a day to train with one athlete who would it be, and why? 
I’d love to talk to many of them for different reasons; Nicola Spirig about her drive for perfection in ITU, Daniela Ryf about toughness in long course racing, and Heather Wurtele about our mutual elevated stature and how to become a faster runner. If I had to pick one, it would be Corinne Abraham to learn from her grit, perserverence, and positive attitude in pursuit of excellence. 
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